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Community Safety:  We remain focused on the health and safety of our members, visitors and our communities. CDC is encouraging people to take advantage of the flu vaccine; the CDC continues to revise their recommendations, so we encourage you to check with local healthcare agencies and your doctor if you are not feeling well and/or test positive or has been around someone who tests positive.

         You should always practice good handwashing at all the time. The CDC advises that COVID viruses will always be with us and continues to mutate, so we have to treat it the same as we do annual 'flu virus'. Please continue to check your temperature daily and if you are not feeling well stay home and contact your healthcare provider for instruction on what to do to feel better and protect others.
           Be safe and do not forget to check on your neighbors.   Please contact Roy Stephenson if you have any suggestions or questions regarding worship service, bible study classes and/or devotional.


Wednesday evening devotional classes @ 6:00 pm 

        If you try to sign on to our Wednesday call-in free conference class and there is no one on the line, please contact Roy Stephenson to make sure the class has not been cancelled.  We have started to resume in person classes at the church, but the conference call is still an option if you are unable to attend in person.

            Please continue to monitor this website and/or contact Roy Stephenson, Minister at (828) 557-8882 or email him at MurphyNCchurchofchrist@gmail.com  if you have questions or suggestions about the classes.

            We are not limited to the number people on the conference call, so the more the better. At about 5 minutes to 6:00 pm EST dial this phone number 1-425-436-6324. You will be asked to enter the access code, enter the following number 5155915#. Once you hear other voices on your phone, introduce yourself (say your name) then mute your phone and unmute when you have a question or want to make a comment. We hope the discussion topics will be challenging and enjoyable in helping us in our goal to Grow in Christ. Look forward to your participation. Feel free to tell others about how to join our class. If you have any special requests for the next series/topics, please contact Roy Stephenson. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 10:00 am 

After class time is allotted to fellowship before worship service begins. We are using the Gospel Advocates Adult Bible Study as a guide for discussion of each series. 

            At the beginning of each series, books are provided and are yours to keep as future reference materials. The Gospel Advocate series for the spring has arrived and we will focus on biblical personages as Longfellow wrote, "Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime".  When you arrive for Bible study, please pick up a booklet from the table in the back of the church when they become available.

Sunday Morning Worship service begins at 11:00 a.m.

​              Date                                         Sermon Title                                                    Scripture Reading​​​​​​

March 5, 2023                                       Blessed by Jesus                                            Matthew 5: 1-10

March 12, 2023                                     The 'Be' Attitudes                                        Matthew 5: 1-16 

March 19, 2023                                      In the Garden                                              Luke 22: 39-46 

March 26, 2023                                      Jesus on Trial                                               Matthew 26: 59-68

April 2, 2023                                          From the Cross                                           Mark 15: 31-39 

April 9, 2023    Easter Sunday             Victory Through Christ                            1 Corinthians 15: 50-57

​April  16, 2023                                        In His Presence                                           Exodus 33:12-23

April 23, 2023                                        Jesus Guarantees                                         John 14: 1-3

April 30, 2023                                       Day of Good News                                     2 King 7: 1-2

May 7, 2023                                           Honor to whom . . .                                    Romans 13: 1-7

May 14, 2023                                     I have Some Good News             Mark 5: 21-43; Matthew 9: 18- 26; Luke 8: 40-56

                                                          and I have Some Bad News

May 21, 2023                                    Jesus, Our Defense Attorney                         I John 1:8 - 2:2

May 28, 2023                                         Finding Holiness                                        Leviticus 19:2

June 4, 2023                                               Judging                                                     Matthew 7:1-5


The goal of every sermon is to inspire and lift us up as we go about our daily lives.  Some of the sermons are also available on video. Check out the church's Facebook page Murphy Church of Christ.

Roy Stephenson is being treated for a foot infection, so Dean Wray has volunteered to deliver the sermon on June 4, 2023. The doctor informed Roy June 1, 2023, that his foot has healed so he could resume teaching provided he does it sitting. 

As always, we encourage members to bring your family and friends to worship services whenever they are in town.


6:00 PM Sunday evening service 

Please join us for evening devotional services. The first Sunday of each month is set aside as an evening of prayer.  If you have a special prayer request, please join us and share. If plans are changed, we will make an announcement during morning worship.

       Please contact Roy Stephenson if you were not at morning worship and plan on attending evening service to learn if anything has changed. Phone number and email is provided above under Wednesday's evening devotional and conference call.


Community Outreach

We continue to outreach to local organizations intheir efforts to help our community through these difficult times. We are currently supporting the efforts of the staff of REACH of Cherokee county in their efforts to provide a safe haven and counseling for victims of domestic violence and provide assistance to families who are struggling to provide for their children; we do what we can to help the Cherokee county foodbank located in Andrews, NC, the Hurlburt-Johnson Homeless Shelter and every year we look forward to helping Toys for Tot put a smile on a child's face.

​          Most recently the Hurlburt- Johnson Homeless Shelter has requested support and provided a list of items they need. If you would like to provide support through donations please contact Peggy White, House Manager for more details - Office: 828-837-2654 or Shelter Cell: 828-644-4968.​​​



Always check out the bulletin for more information and words of encouragement.

Roy Goodlet continues to provide articles and he has added some new articles. Check them out!