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Special Announcement:   The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact continues to evolve and develop, we remain focused on the health and safety of our members, visitors and our communities. Some have already received the vaccine; but the CDC continues to advise the public to maintain social distance of at least 6 feet unless you know the people you are with have been vaccinated when inside and if outside continue to avoid large crowds, even if you have gotten COVID vaccine, and if you need to touch items wash hands or wear gloves. Check your temperature daily and if you are not feeling  well stay home and contact your healthcare provider for instruction on what to do to feel better and protect others.
       Together we will get through this. Be safe and do not forget to check on your neighbors.   Please contact Roy Stephenson if you have any suggestions or questions going forth.


Wednesday evening classes @ 6:00 pm 

         Please continue to monitor this website and/or contact Roy Stephenson, Minister at (828) 557-8882 if you have questions about the classes.

                    We have started conducting Bible studies via a phone conference call. We are not limited as to a number on the conference call, so the more the better. At about 5 minutes to 6:00 pm EST dial this phone number 1-425-436-6324. You will be asked to enter the access code, enter the following number 5155915#. Once you hear other voices on your phone, introduce yourself (say your name) then mute your phone and unmute when you have a question or want to make a comment. We hope the class on  Developing Christian Character - will be a challenging and enjoyable series for all of us, helping us in our year-long goal to Grow in Christ. Look forward to your participation. Feel free to tell others about how to join our class. If you have any special requests for the next series/topics please contact Roy Stephenson. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 10:00 am

Bible Study and discussion directed by Roy Stephenson. After class there is coffee and doughnuts and time allotted to fellowship before worship service begins. We are using the Gospel Advocates Adult Bible Study as a guide for discussion of each series. ​​

         Fall 2020 series start with the book of Genesis - Part 1

         Winter 2020 series continues with the book of Genesis - Part 2

        Spring 2021 series will be The Thessalonian Letters

        Summer 2021 series will focus on Peter's Epistles

At the beginning of each series, books are provided and are yours to keep as future reference materials. The Gospel Advocate series have arrived and we following the series as listed above. Please pick up a booklet from the tablet in the back of the church. 

Sunday Morning Worship service begins at 11:00 a.m.

​              Date                                         Sermon Title                                                            Scripture Reading​​​​​​

March 7, 2021                             Resist the Devil                                                               James 4: 3-10

March 14, 2021                          Possible or Impossible                                                  Mark 10: 23-27

March 21, 2021                           Lessons from Gethsemane                                         Matthew 26: 36-41 

March 28, 2021                           Contrasts at the Cross                                                  Romans 5: 6-11

April 4, 2021                                 Raised Relationships                                                    John 11: 17-27

April 11, 2021                              Purer in Heart                                                                 Matthews 5: 1-10 

April 18, 2021                             What the Virus Taught Us                                        Proverbs 3: 1-2

April 25, 2021                              In God's Hands                                                               Hebrews 10: 23-31 

May 2, 2021                                 God's Will for You                                                       1 Thessalonians 5: 14-24


The goal of every sermon is to inspire and lift us up as we go about our daily lives. The sermons are also available on video. Check out the church's Facebook page Murphy Church of Christ.


6:00 PM Sunday evening service 

Please join us for evening devotional services. The first Sunday of each month is set aside as a night of prayer. If you have a special prayer request please join us and share. If service is cancelled we will make an announcement during morning worship. Please contact Roy Stephenson if you were not at morning worship and plan on attending evening service.


Ladies Fellowship

Plans have been on hold due to the pandemic COVID-19 but we continue to outreach to local organizations intheir efforts to help our community through these difficult times. Information on Extraordinary Women conference for 2021 is included in the bulletin.


4th Sunday Area Singing Schedule - Make A Joyful Noise To The Lord

Every other 4th Sunday @ 2:30 pm about four church congregations gather at a church in the area to sing old songs, learn new songs and fellowship. We cancelled all gatherings in 2020 as we quarantined to help with the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus.  

               Please join us June 27th at the Andrews Church of Christ at 2:30 pm for our 4th Sunday area singing. We look forward to resuming our fellowship with others and raising our voices in song. If anything changes we will make an announcement or you can contact one of the church members to confirm that we will still meet. Light refreshment will be served afterwards. Please be safe as we manage our lives during the pandemic.


Always check out the bulletin for more information and words of encouragement.

Roy Goodlet continues to provide articles and he has added some new articles. Check them out!